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Funfair Ride Simulator: Circus

2.06 usd

ATTENTION: The new "Funfair Ride Simulator 2" is here! There you can add "Circus" via InApp with cool new features. Search for "FUNFAIR RIDE SIMULATOR 2"!
Did you ever control your own carnival ride? Shure not. But now with the Funfair Ride Simulator it is possible! In this episode you can control one another unique ride on Smartphone - The "Circus" - One of the most awesome funair rides ever made!
Funfair Ride Simulator is the first and only funfair ride simulation for your mobile device!
CONTROL Control your own ride with all possible movements and light controls.
RIDE "Take your seat and fly!" - Hop on your ride and enjoy the ride in "point of view" sight.
ENJOY Ejoy your own funfair ride with tons of different light and fog effects.
FEATURES • Realistic movement and physics • Fully controllable • Unique fairground / carnival atmosphere • light and sound effects • day / night• different camera angles including "POV"